Let's keep this blog running !

I run this blog in my free time and is hosted on a platform, which require funding. Last I calculated, it requires around ~USD $3/month to run. To keep this blog ad free and highly responsive, it would be great if you would like to contribute, although it is not much and I can afford it

Why should I contribute ?

  • Original Content
  • Useful in most scenarios
  • Zero Ads

How should I contribute ?

You can follow the links below as per your convenience. Any amount is highly appreciated:
  • PayPal      https://www.paypal.me/VarunChandak
  • Amazon Gift Card noreply@vrnchndk.in

I cannot find my preference here. What to do ?

Thanks for your gesture. You can mail me noreply@vrnchndk.in directly and I'll revert.