Using AWS CLI with Cross Account Access

In my earlier blog post HERE, I had described on how to use AWS Console using Cross Account Access.

However, this was for AWS Console access only, but not for AWS CLI. In this blog post, I will be describing on how to access AWS resources using AWS CLI using Cross Account Access.


For testing purposes, I have already created a role named cc-access in the parent AWS account. To make things, simpler, the below image is the contents of my .aws/config and .aws/credentials files. I hope you get the gist.

In the above image,

  • Two profiles, viz., default and testaccount are created
  • default is the parent account
  • testaccount is the account which has cross account access to default account.
  • role_arn line has to be edited as follows:
    • role_arn = arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/cc-access ( where 123456789012 is the account ID of testaccount.)

Checking output

  1. Output 1 (Parent Account)

    aws s3 ls

  2. Output 2 (testaccount Account)

    aws s3 ls --profile testaccount

Please do comments in case I have missed out anything. The above setup works for me properly, might differ in your case (or maybe not).

Enjoy !!

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