Access Blocked Websites using SSH Tunnel

For this to work, You’ll be needing the following:

  • A VPS or Linux Based Server on Cloud

Step 1

Download and Install PuTTY from here

Step 2

Install/Run PuTTY to get the following screen.

Step 3

Enter the IP Address of your VPS or private Server in the Host Name field.

Step 4

On the left side, under Connection - SSH - Tunnels, Enter a 4 digit Source Port (e.g., 9870), Select Dynamic and Click Add, as shown below.

Step 5

Go back to the tree on the left, Click Session and write a text in the Saved Sessions text box and click on Save.

Step 6

Double Click on the saved name, a login box will open. Login using your user credentials. Make sure you login else the following steps will not work.

Step 7

Open up Mozilla Firefox (download yourself), Go to Tools - Options -Advanced - Network - Settings. Select Manual Proxy Configuration, un-check the checkbox and clear all the text boxes under this option.

Step 8

In the SOCKS Host text box, type: as IP address and 9870 (or the port specified in Step 4) and select SOCKS v5 option underneath it.

Step 9

If all done correctly, try logging into any 1 of the blocked websites and it will load.

Before and After Screenshots



Cheers !!

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