Organizing Ad Mad Show with ease

In our office, we have a monthly meeting on last day of every month, in which we have an agenda of organizing a fun activity, a presentation, reviews and feedback followed by snacks and refreshments…

Last month, our team got the chance of organizing monthly meeting. We were organizing this monthly meeting for the first time and I took the responsibility of organizing the fun part. :D

Now, Since this was the first time, I thought of making it a very funny and a memorable one. So I came up with the idea of Ad Mad Show. This show is about creativity and acting on a product in a funny and humorous way.

So, I presented the idea to everyone in my team and they all approved it. So, now its was time to put the wheel in motion.

NOTE: All the topics, documents and team formation sheets are available at the end of this article.

Selection of topics

Finding the topics for the show was a mammoth task. I wanted the topics to be unique yet popular among the people. I narrowed down to around 20 topics, after consulting with friends and my relatives.

Apart from the generic products, I also had to choose some topics based on the components from our company’s product.

Some of the topics I included were: Hair Dye/Hair Loss Product, Sauna Belt, Eco Friendly Cigarette, Mosquito Coil, Goggles, Toothpaste, Room Freshener, Beauty Cream, Energy Drink, Chinese Mobile, Deodorant

Team Formation

Earlier, my plan was to create a team with 4 members. But due to unavailability of members, I had to cut each team to a total of 3 members.

Team were formed by selecting a team coupon from a jar. A total of 10 teams, so 30 members. I formed teams using letters, as in Team A, Team B and so on….

When the show started, each team leader was handed a score sheet so that they could score the rest of the teams performance. So no biased scoring. :)

Scoring was based on the Performance, Product Name and the Punch Line of the product.

During the show, each team performed well and some of them were really hilarious. I had uploaded the winning performance on YouTube, but sadly it got deleted my mistake of mine.

Link to the Ad Mad Score Sheet, Topics, Rules (ready-to-print format):

Comments are welcome :)

The winning Performance was:
Topic - ToothPaste
Product Name - Jungli Jawani Toothpaste
Punch Line - Sacche Pyar ka Wada, Brush Karo Jyada


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